We Need Your Help. Tell Congress to Preserve §1031 Exchanges.


Get involved today! Congress is debating tax reform, and Section 1031 like-kind exchanges are threatened. Like-kind exchanges benefit millions of American investors and businesses every year. §1031 exchanges encourage businesses to expand and help keep dollars moving in the U.S. economy. Tell Congress §1031 exchanges have powerful value to the U.S. Economy. Bring your voice to the discussion in Washington, D.C.!

Section 1031 Complements Tax Reform, Adds to Growth

The House Republican Blueprint for Tax Reform, titled “A Better Way” is expected to be the model for tax reform in 2017. The proposal pairs 100% immediate expensing with unlimited loss carryforward for all tangible & depreciable personal property assets and real estate improvements, except land. The proposal would also eliminate the business interest expense deduction. While the proposal does not repeal Section 1031, neither does it expressly preserve the provision.

IRC Section 1031 like-kind exchanges complement tax reform proposals. Section 1031 should remain in its present form for land and other non-covered assets for many reasons. Read more

Section 1031 exchanges help a broad range of taxpayers at all levels to expand businesses and invest for the future, leading to a significant positive impact on economic growth. Send a letter to your members of Congress today!